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   For some reason the watches replica sale planet ocean model failed to move past 7.15pm on two seperate days. On the first occasion I released the winder and corrected the time, the following day the same happened. This time I tried to do the same plus reset the date, for some reason the winder knob came off. It looks as if the winder bar has dsconnected somehow and dissapeared in the watches replica sale. The watch second hand keeps going round but the time remains at 7 15 with no way of changing the watches replica sale.

   I have attached three photos of the replica watches sale that you sent me. The first picture shows the watch is a BR01-92 instead of BR03-92 and also the date tab is white with black number (website shows black tab with white numbers). Picture 2 shows that there is no logo ("&") on the crown, (website show logo ("&"). Picture 3 shows the back case as BR01-94 and also the back case is different to the one on the website. From the above information, the watch has major faults. As I said in my previous email that if you are going to replace the replica watches sale with correct one then all the features have to match the replica watches sale which shows on your website. If you cannot guarantee this then I would like a full refund.

   Taking a photograph will not show the pin not lining up with the indentations on the clasp If you look at the end of the strap coming off the top of the replica watches sale there is a small locking clip with the rolex sign that has two small indentations On theend of the other strap there is the piece onto which the small clip fastens. This piece has two pins One for connecting the fold over clasp the other one clips into the indentations in the small clipp when it is fastened The problem is the pin and the indentations on the small clip do not line up and the small clip keeps coming open Could you please send me a replacement small clip showing the rolex sign and the piece it clips onto with the two pins.